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If you have a question about business, maybe you can find the answer your looking for in our Business Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find out my legal obligations?

    The DCLG has a site dedicated to the new legislation. Alternatively you can contact your local Fire Service for advice.
  • I have no enemies so why should I worry about arson?

    Every year there are over 3,100 arson attacks on shops, cafes and small businesses. Arson is the single biggest cause of serious fires in businesses, and it is estimated that up to 80% of businesses never fully recover following a serious fire. Most
  • What about after the fire – how do I get myself back up and running?

    The key to helping your business survive a fire is to plan BEFORE the event. Carry out a risk assessment. Think about scenarios - what happens if you can't use your computers, or you can't use your building? Do you have an alternative site? How would you fulfil orders? There are a number of places you can go for advice (see links page)
  • What are my insurer's requirements?

    You should check with your insurer if you are not sure what their requirements are. Many insurers offer advice to policyholders on protecting your business against risk.
  • Who is the person responsible for carrying out the risk assessment?

    You are! If you employ anyone then this affects you. Typically it will be the owner or manager of a business that has legal responsibility for making sure a risk assessment is carried out.
  • Won't insurance pay for the damage?

    Commercial property or packages policies provide fire cover as standard, although specific prevention measures may be required. However it is important to remember that insurance is there to help cover costs in the event of you suffering a fire - the onus is on YOU to protect yourself and make sure you have arrangements in place to get you back on your feet as soon as you can.
  • Why do I have to do this?

    You already have a duty to ensure adequate fire safety in the workplace an, for certain businesses, in places used by the public. Fire safety law is changing to make the legislation and wider changes to the Fire Service are moving prevention activity to a risk basis.
  • I have no idea how to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment – where do I start?

    Carrying out a risk assessment is not complicated for most businesses. Your local Fire & Rescue Service can signpost you from their website to the most current advice. The most important thing to do is to apply common sense and focus on area