Has Anyone Ever Won a Good Prize at Online Casinos?

You are often betting on an online casino and wondering what the real chances are of getting a good payout. We can say that the odds are the same as you would in a land-based casino, after all, games have random number generators and are made to keep the edge.

The fact that many winning players at online casinos are anonymous helps to maintain this idea that no one makes a lot of money playing games on websites. Do you want to know if anyone has won a millionaire award? The answer is yes. See below who these lucky ones are.

Online Casino Grand Prizes

Lucky on Zodiac: A prize of around €7.9 million with a deposit of €1 went to one lucky person at Zodiac Casino. The value was given in August 2016 and the name of the player is a secret to this day.

  • Mega Moolah Making History: The online slots game is also known as the Millionaire Factory awarded a Swedish player in 2015. The value of more than €8.5 million was given to a man whose code name was Alexander.
  • Mega Fortune For Insomnia: In 2011 a Norwegian bettor scored an €11.7 million mega jackpot win after a night of insomnia. He must have certainly gone without sleep after the result of that match. His name remains anonymous.
  • Betway has the record: the page had a record holder named Jonathon Heywood who took over €13m after betting just 25c. At just 26 years old he became the millionaire on Betway.

Choose Your Casino Judiciously

By making good choices of online casinos, you will ensure that your winnings are paid out and that the games are fair. Here are some important criteria to guide your choice:

  • Licensed: to ensure that you receive the amount owed to you your betting company needs to be trusted and licensed by a special body. The SRIJ is responsible for granting the regulations and the company needs to be fully prepared for a quality service.
  • Fair Bonus Conditions: Many companies that are not licensed often make it difficult or impossible to withdraw their bonuses. To make sure you receive the special bonuses, get to know your betting website better.
  • Security: Another essential factor to guarantee receipts is security. All necessary mechanisms for transfers and payments must maintain strict standards so that everything runs smoothly.

Anyone can win a millionaire prize and to do so, just choose a reliable page and hope that luck is on your side.

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